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Going Beyond the Nuts and Bolts
NBCUniversal, Inc. / Inside Tech
Create an engaging internal communication system for multimedia powerhouse, NBCUniversal, that encompasses information for employees on IT-related services and updates, logistics, and vital company information.
  • Creative Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Systems Strategy
  • Design
  • Engineering
    • iOS native development
    • Web Application reservation system
    • CMS and API built on Ruby on Rails
    • Actionscript development for marquee screens

In 1931, an engineering draftsman named Harry Beck irreversibly changed our expectations of transportation maps. He took an extensive and complicated transportation network and created the now iconic London Underground Tube map by challenging existing design norms.

Using the mastery of Beck's design as inspiration, we thoughtfully began crafting a centralized set of internal communication tools for NBC. The challenge: to bring together disconnected streams of information into one direct channel for NBCU employees. The result is a hybrid iPad and iPhone app, an online SmartBar reservation system, and a large screen marquee infographic system all served from a central API that delivers critical nuts and bolts information to the NBCU team—industry news, featured apps and eBooks, local weather, traffic, shuttle schedules, upcoming SmartBar reservations, and more.

NBC iPad screenshot
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Just as Beck's map simply and accurately conveys information to millions of people trying to negotiate London's subway on a daily basis, our solution for NBC helps employees navigate their days, stay connected and, most importantly, stay engaged.

NBC iPad screenshot
NBC iPhone screenshot
NBC iPhone screenshot
NBC iPad screenshot