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Thankfully, a More Meaningful Wedding Registry
Thankful Registry
Create a modern, online registry that allows couples to create and share beautiful, meaningful gift registries that encourage celebration of one of the most important things in life: each other.
  • Creative Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Design
    • A visually rich, responsive layout for effortless browsing on all devices
  • Engineering
    • A responsive web application using Ruby and Backbone.js
    • A custom-built CMS using Ruby on Rails

“For us, a registry isn't about getting a bunch of stuff. It's not even about the wedding itself. What it's really about is family, friends, and celebration. That's exactly why the site is called Thankful, and that philosophy touches everything we're doing.”
— Kathy Cheng, Founder

Those of us who have gone through the traditional big box store registry process with our significant other know that the excitement of being able to put anything and everything on our registry quickly turns into a, “Wait, why do we need that?” conversation. This was the challenge at hand: redesigning the registry experience that has long encouraged adding items to a registry simply because they are staring couples in the face or because a retailer hands couples a list of items they supposedly “need.”

The challenge for Crush was to create a more meaningful wedding registry experience for those receiving and giving gifts. The outcome is Thankful, which allows couples to create one registry and add anything, from any site, using a universal bookmarklet—from traditional physical items to vacations. Couples can also include personal notes about individual items, customize their URL, and create a personal look and feel by adding one or more of their favorite photos. Simply put, Thankful reimagines the wedding registry experience, giving couples a memorable way to begin their happily ever after.

Thankful Registry website screenshot

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