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  • Dashboard showing data visualizations

    Data Experience Design 101: More Insights for Your Digital Solutions

    Data continues to fuel the information economy.  Developing breakthrough digital products requires keen insight into your target audience and marketplace. Just gaining the attention of your prospects with an elevated user experience is not enough. User attention is fleeting in the hypercompetitive digital space. To keep your audience engaged over time, you must keep refining, […]

    PJ Kelly
  • UX Design on an ipad

    eBook: Minimum Viable Products – How Breakthrough Products Get Their Start

    Is your latest product idea one in a million, or just one of a million?  Before you make a significant investment of time, money and other resources to launch a full-scale product, consider the iterative approach that a minimum viable product (MVP) brings.  By focusing on a minimum set of features and a few early […]

  • The bow of a boat

    Why Your Brand Story Matters for Product Development

    “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek  Today, more than ever, consumers expect a personal connection to your product and/or service. Forging those deeper ties with your customers, through solutions that improve their lives, is easier when you know them better and keep them top of mind.  Creating […]

    Kelly Berry
  • Orange Spiral Staircase

    Brand Questionnaire to Define Your Brand Story

    Defining your brand narrative — the reason why your company exists — is critical to the success of your products and services. Today’s consumers increasingly expect a greater purpose (than profit) from your brand and greater alignment with their needs. Articulating and giving voice to your company’s values is how you engage and connect with […]

  • Night Sky with Stars

    Finding Your North Star: How to Set the Course for Product Development

    Bringing to life a new product idea is exciting. And work intensive. In many cases, product design and development are the most difficult and important parts of the product’s go-to-market strategy. Many teams prioritize these tasks and dive head first into building the product. Some do so without first articulating a clear goal.  Frequently, teams […]

    Mazin Melegy
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