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We built the first cross-streaming media & entertainment player for NBC.

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By modernizing NBC’s infrastructure, we saved hours of tedious work for executives and provided a secure way to view and stream new content. Our solution set the foundation for a more efficient workstream.


In 2016, traveling media and entertainment executives at NBC needed a way to view yet-to-be-released episodes of the next season’s TV show lineup but lacked a secure and efficient way to do so. NBC had not yet established an all-digital solution and execs were forced to carry around DVDs which created risk with the inability to mitigate loss, theft, and information leaks.


We created a cross-platform streaming service and API that allowed for the consumption of content anywhere in the world, online and offline, through a beautiful and intuitive UI. NBC media content was encrypted to prevent shows being leaked pre-airing and a digital infrastructure was built to organize all content on one digital platform.

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