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Why Your Brand Story Matters for Product Development

by Kelly Berry

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek  Today, more than ever, consumers expect a personal connection to your product and/or service. Forging those deeper ties with your customers, through solutions that improve their lives, is easier when you know them better and keep them top of mind.  Creating […]

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Brand Questionnaire to Define Your Brand Story

Defining your brand narrative — the reason why your company exists — is critical to the success of your products and services. Today’s consumers increasingly expect a greater purpose (than profit) from your brand and greater alignment with their needs. Articulating and giving voice to your company’s values is how you engage and connect with […]

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Night Sky with Stars

Finding Your North Star: How to Set the Course for Product Development

by Mazin Melegy

Bringing to life a new product idea is exciting. And work intensive. In many cases, product design and development are the most difficult and important parts of the product’s go-to-market strategy. Many teams prioritize these tasks and dive head first into building the product. Some do so without first articulating a clear goal.  Frequently, teams […]

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What Does It Really Mean to Prototype?

by Tess Johnson

There are many milestones on the journey to creating a successful new product or feature. Developing a prototype of your solution is one of the biggest pivot points in the process, as this is when your abstract concept starts to take shape in physical reality.  Creating a prototype is the most effective way to contextualize […]

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